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Don't we all wish there was more time in a day. What if we could be in two places at once. Never forget a birthday again

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It's not just dinner. It's an event a moment that you share,how you remember is up to you.

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Why Use DatePlanz Concierge

There are so many ways to utilize DatePlanz Concierge. With all the services we provide it makes things easier for people who are constantly busy. Work or school alone makes for a long day. Then add in daily errands, an hour at the gym and making dinner and you are sometimes left with only 5 minutes to relax. Unfortunately this is what our days have come too which leaves less time to spend with the ones we care about most. gives you that extra time to focus on more important things while we handle all the event details. If you are looking for some excitement, you can try one of our themed events. If you hate going to the mall, we can go for you. Making things easier for our clients has been DatePlanz model since we opened in 2013. We have a variety of services and events that's sure to benefit people of all ages. Call us today and see if there's something we can get done for you. Call (651) 230-9326